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Steve Hoddinott's Resume

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To make myself a valuable commodity, as I have in past business ventures and professional Company environments, where bottom-line revenues and successful marketing procedures are of utmost importance. I have in the past and would like again in the very near future to obtain a rewarding and challenging career. As a past successful business owner, managing a crew of 15 sub-contractors and one telemarketer, I have the unique ability to work independently or in a team atmosphere.

Professional Profile:
I am an aggressive leader in my field of Sales and Marketing, I understand how to use “positioning of the mind”, and How the “Power of Association” can work. I use these tools to my benefit and to the benefit of those I work with. My confidence as an outgoing and versatile leader shows through my profitable sales performance. I have exceptional People skills, creative business development abilities and a strong desire to exceed the expected limits in company profitability. I AM a highly productive and innovative problem solver, always surpassing my own personal goals and objectives.

Summary of Qualifications:
Co-founded and Co-owned a Janitorial Cleaning Company, GLOBAL-CLEAN INC. Currently still in operation with approx. 15-18 sub-contractors, started the business part-time, and worked during the day as an independent sales contractor for a food /Arts and cleaning supply business. Global-Clean Inc. generated over $250,000.00 annually within it’s first two years, My partner generously bought me out, And has recently branched into cleaning supply sales to existing customers, which I also assisted in part-time as well. I developed the entire quote catalogue which also included a full color front cover and a cleaning supply price .Calendars Produced and distributed.

I followed up with sales leads generated from my telemarketer and also assisted my partner in hiring sub-contractors, filling in when they would not show up and handle any complaints made by the customer. Maintaining the customer is just as important as getting new ones. Without it you stagnate! GLOBAL-CLEAN INC is a member of the Newmarket Chamber Of commerce, and has contributed to such charities such as the York Professional children’s walk for Cancer and on two consecutive years sponsored a hole for the San Vincenzo Golf Tournament, which raises funds for families in special need. With $2,000,000,00 insurance and $5000.00 Bond and a powerful quote presentation I was able to land such customers as: Century 21, Laidlaw, Kelsey’s restaurant, East Side Mario’s, Buck a Day, Liberty Mutual, Tannery Mall, CDI College, Globe Springs, Hound and Heather, York Professional Building(PAR) Federal and provincial offices that included health dept, Employment office, traffic court, Community Business Access Centre.

Professional Experience:
AVRON FOODS –I worked as an independent salesman. Assisted in generating sales to exceed previous annual sales, I was the only Sales person for the 4 years I worked their. My Sales Abilities have helped assist Avron Foods receive the second highest name as a food and arts supplier to the daycare industry To Date. I attended all the Supervisor conferences held throughout the year, Setting up the booth as an exhibitor and giving away free samples that our suppliers generously donated. ( Kellogg’s, Campbell’s, Quaker, Astro ) These shows gave me an opportunity to listen to customers concerns, and evaluate their level of loyalty with our company; It also gave me a chance to generate new customers.

If a customer stopped ordering due to a mistake made, my job was to go and retrieve them back. I maintained customer satisfaction at times by sending products they may have been short shipped on, Back orders, bad product, etc.(rare) At times I’ll even deliver it personally, this gives me a chance to assess the customers level of frustration. If my competitor makes an offer better then our company, I go back and persuade them to stay by either making a better offer, Or remind the customer the benefits of staying with us. I worked an area as far south as the Lakeshore and as far north as Barrie, As far west as Oakville and as far east as Oshawa and everything in between. I have no problem traveling long distance if I know there’s a chance that something will cultivate in the future.

I have a very strong knowledge of The Greater Toronto Area, And I Am Also familiar working inside an Office environment, Calling Customers to ensure satisfaction, I have also worked on a catalogue project taking tiff files from the company digital camera and importing into Corel draw or Adobe, calling suppliers for CD Images and Importing them into our data for the new catalogue. I have designed flyers for Avron and also taken orders when called on for emergency, I have a basic knowledge of integrated office accounting, and have no problem gaining respect from my peers through my hard work and helpful assistance whenever or wherever they may need it.

Part Time - Hobbies

Global-Transportation Services: I Briefly ran a transportation business with two other partners. We purchased the truck together ( 24 ft Flat bed truck FL 80 Ford ) and paid a driver to run deliveries to and from the united States.

Global-Imports: I imported mahogany Beds from Indonesia and sold them here in Ontario with funds raised through Global-Clean Inc.

Direct-TV Satellite Systems: With my Partner, We purchased direct-TV Satellite Systems in Detroit Wal-Mart and sold them here in Ontario. ( Sold them while they were legal in Canada )

Stock Market- TSE symbol GI
GDI GLOBAL DATA INC. is a provider of products and services enabling data communication between geographically dispersed fixed and mobile telemetry end points. As far as The saying goes: Buy, Hold and Prosper…………. I’m at the HOLD stage… !@$#?

Strawberry Festival
opened a booth and a propane deep fryer at a festival in
Newfoundland for a weekend, sold chicken wings, French fries and had a basketball game; funds raised went towards girl’s volleyball in local community.

Displayed my own booth at a Franchise show in October 03’ C.F.A and sold 2 franchises. Sold the company to Business Partner.
Additional Professional Experience:
Delicious Treats ( Family Run Business,
Moved to
Newfoundland for two years to assist in the development and growth of the newly developed concept. I successfully assisted this Canadian based Franchise Company’s growth into reaching an excess of $300,000.00 in one month here in Ontario. I transported the corporate office and warehouse to Aurora Ontario. I Maintained Daily Correspondence with Franchisees to assist all needs. I trained new franchisees in product preparation. I assisted with all marketing materials, advertising campaigns and budgets including August 1997’s front cover of “Opportunities Canada”.

Trouble shooting electronic and mechanical equipment used in the ice cream parlour franchise outlets over the Phone or in person. Closed contracts at a value of $75,000.00 to $100,000.00 from Leads generated by the show. I attended many Franchise shows closing contract deals within a very short period of time. Worked with building contractors, Landlords, Architects, building permit inspectors, and Franchisees to develop concepts and make operation of business start. Helped with Grand openings, Invited mayors to participate and called local newspapers to capture event….. I always offered technical support when needed.

Williams Secondary High School Aurora, Ont.

Completed a course in 1998 at the Community Business Access Center which was
A Government Run Program offering Small business Entrepreneurs mentoring in Sales and marketing, Business consulting, accounting etc, The government office became one of my customers in Global-Clean Inc. I would like to take an additional part-time course in the future For marketing.

Skills: Windows XP, Microsoft Office XP, Lotus.
Work with Netscape and Explorer, Power point, Word, Excel, Capable of reformatting hard drive.
Able to work with files such as Bmp, Jpeg, Tiff, Eps, Sea, Cph, Cdr, PPT, AI,
Have experience with digital camera, including Sony and kodak millenium 2000
Networked My Laptop, and Palm Pilot 3 ways. Have Created flyers and Solid Presentations with
Adobe 6.0 Corel Draw 10.

Home Office - (Rogers Cable)

Microsoft Office XP

Windows XP
Act! 2000 – (Excellent for Customer Database)
Maxamizer 1.0
Adobe PhotoShop 6.0
Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0
Corel Graphics Pack
Corel Photo paint
Corel Draw 9

Currently running an AMD Athalon Processor 1.33 ( equivalent to a Pentium 4 1.66 )
384.0MB RAM with a 40 Gigabyte Hard Drive, CD ROM and CD Burner 16x10x40 Floppy Drive and a 4 port USB HUB to Connect My Hp Scanjet 4470c Scanner. Owned an
IBM THINK PAD – 64 MB RAM CD ROM 4 Gigabyte Hard Drive and a 2 Gigabyte Hard Drive.
I used an Ethernet Card for Networking and a modem for portable internet accessibility with a Sony handheld palm pilot. “ACT” database and excel, word with 64meg of memory, capable of hot syncing to either my laptop or home computer. Epson stylus 400 color Printer.

F.C.S.I. (foodservice Consultants Society International)
Associate Member since 1998

Received From:
Profit Magazine in
Halifax, Nova Scotia (Sheraton Hotel)
June 27 1995 Recognized as top 5 Fastest Growing companies in Atlantic Canada.
I was interviewed by a local radio company, with a follow up Newspaper article on the event.

Ronco Protective Products, Outside sales rep.( Product Specialist ) Travelled from Concord to Windsor, Ont. Belleville, Kitchener and surrounding area’s. Attended Golf Tournament’s Hosted By Provincial Paper and Packaging in Milton, Bruce Edmeades, “Children’s wish foundation” in Kitchener. Worked alongside many Unisource Sales reps at Courtney Park, offering free samples To the End Users, and Offering alternative gloves and safety apparel that best suited the customer’s facilities needs. Did power point presentation with my colleagues at Courtney park to all the sales reps and regional sales manager ( Roger Bibby ).

Held Conference calls every Monday with two other Ronco Sales Reps outside of the province, accompanied with my Employer and three other colleagues. Assisted in moving the Company, from a 12,000 sq ft warehouse to a 40,000 sq ft warehouse, where it now currently resides. I also worked as inside customer service for a brief time, and called existing customers (distributors). At the same time offering any technical or additional support I could, inviting customers to visit our new location. I also assisted the warehouse and office staff, whenever they needed additional support.


Top Color Printing- Offset Printing Trade Shop

Generate new clients, Customer service, Direct Mail Marketing, Prepare Quotes, Cold Calling,

Market research on specific industries requiring higher demand for print as well as research on competitors in the Direct Mail and offset printing business. Updating database files for customer

Response or competitor Indicia #’s. Unaddressed Ad mail through private distributors or through

Canada Post LC routes. Brainstorm new marketing ideas for increased sales through limited time promotional offers. Suggest benefits and disadvantages of working with Brokers, Marketing companies and Graphic Designers vs. exclusively dealing with the commercial sector.

Taken from

My Personal Feedback

Your personal feedback, as follows, provides an overview of your personality characteristics and interests:

Stephen "steve”, please keep in mind that the following report on you as a total person is based on all the information taken from your careerXact assessment. This report is intended to help you understand more about yourself and your career options. Although based on objective, detailed assessments, no single report can sum up your full, distinctive character. The goal here is to provide you with valuable and unique insight into yourself and the careers that best suit your motivations, interests, and personality traits. Starting with motivations, your assessment shows that you are positively and equally attracted to working with people, data, and things. With your intense, balanced interests, you could work well in social situations, with information processing, or using tools and equipment. You need not confine yourself to one area of endeavor and you will be productive and fully engaged by many types of work. Your versatile interests mean that you are likely to achieve excellence in information technology. Hands-on use of the Internet, communications, detailed paperwork, and computer-generated reports would all draw on your combined motivations.
Summing up your overall mindset, you have great potential for social or academic activities and you are extremely motivated to use physical tools, manual equipment, and machinery. With your interests all being at such a high level, if your work downplays one or more of your interests, you might want to ensure that your hobbies allow scope for these under-used motivations. Your career options are wide open and, with roughly equal drives to work with people, data, and things, you could base your choice for a career path almost exclusively on your personality traits. Whatever you decide to do, you will be motivated to do well.
Regarding your personality and how that fits with the opportunities you might consider, you probably already know that you are emphatic and self-assured and you don't back away from competition, but that is only the beginning. Stephen "steve" , your scores show that you are a strong team player and, while you will occasionally put the team's goals ahead of your own, you like to be out front with your own ambitions. Although you are adaptable and willing to play whatever "role gets the goal," you function better if your personal contribution is recognized. You rarely hesitate to put your ideas on the line and even aggressive opposition will not stop you. You can handle rough play and deal with disputes, but cutthroat competition is not your style and you are rarely hostile. In a dispute, you can make a convincing argument for your own views even when these might be controversial. On the other hand, if tactful maneuvering can get what you want, you are willing to try diplomacy and cooperation. Generally considerate of others, you will certainly defer to the group when that is the best action.
So how do you deal with both the humdrum of daily routine and the sudden impact of a crisis? Your personality traits show that you are right on target for the technicalities of modern work: your assessment results indicate that you are very conscientious and well organized, with enough flexibility to deal with most challenges. Although you can cope with unexpected demands, you are more comfortable with routine and will have no trouble following established guidelines. With a strong tendency toward convention, you are well suited to quality control and will readily find ways to improve and enhance products and procedures, but you are not much given to outright creativity. What employers will probably value most is your efficiency and your prudence. If possible, you want to avoid unstructured environments as you function best with a predictable workflow in an orderly workspace. For optimal performance, you will probably elect to set your own schedule so that you can manage the details carefully.
Your attention to detail also shows in your approach to planning. Whenever you can, you prefer to follow the old military credo, "Think twice, act once" and you like to be well prepared. You will, no doubt, have a reliable strategy for dealing with a variety of problems and you can usually modify your tactics as situations develop. The gist of the careerXact appraisal of your character is that you are systematic, conservative, and well-grounded but still able to react to abrupt demands. This combination of traits makes for an outstanding performance in a stable environment with random challenge.
You know how you react to most workplace issues, but what is the best environment for you to do your best work? Although you can cope with some isolation, you will actually achieve your highest productivity with a group in a lively setting. Because you are friendly and outgoing, Stephen "steve" , you could also commit to a large group in a noisy, chaotic environment, but total immersion in-group projects might be wearisome for you because you occasionally need time on your own to reflect on your efforts and plan your work. You participate well because you can take the spotlight and present your ideas with enthusiasm, but you might not be quite so ready to listen for feedback and allow casual debate. You probably find that you can sell your ideas with the sheer energy of your presentation and you are a risk-taker who, at times, might even exaggerate to make a story better. When used to advantage, your talents can motivate others, but you don't have to lead every activity. The key is that, in any social group, you will strive to fit in because that is the best way for you to achieve success.
In general, you enjoy making new acquaintances and you are open to fresh views. Because you appreciate novelty, ideal work for you would involve a variety of people and the development of new procedures. While being ready to accept new people and ideas is a positive trait, you need to be cautious about seeking out change simply for the excitement. If you were required to do repetitive work for a long time, the monotony might increase your usual preference for change...and that could influence you to act impulsively. Consequently, your career should require frequent interaction with small to medium-sized groups, the development of new protocols, and contact with newcomers. Extended periods of isolation or total immersion in-group projects would be equally frustrating for you. Long term assignments must include opportunity for growth and challenging assignments will appeal to you, partly because they involve change but also because they provide a forum for you to prove your worth.
Finally, work often creates stress and how you deal with stress is crucial not only for job achievement but also for job satisfaction. The best job in the world is no good to you if it makes you sick with anxiety. You will be glad to know that your personality profile reveals that Stephen "steve" Hoddinott stays relaxed and rational in even the worst circumstances and is well able to cope with pressure. You almost never "lose your cool," and you find adversity stimulating. No doubt you think that few worthwhile goals can be achieved without challenges or setbacks. Consequently, you usually remain positive and rational in any circumstances. Your objectivity also helps you to take criticism well. Even when the criticism is personal or unjustified, you will normally control your irritation or embarrassment.
With your ability to manage stress, you can do your best work on demanding, high-pressure projects. At the same time, you should be aware that you are so relaxed that some might take your lack of excitability as indifference and less scrupulous people may attempt to exploit your easy trust and remarkable patience. On the whole, whether you are required to give a fast response to a crisis or methodical attention to a routine task, you will work well under pressure. You are balanced and able in your approach to stress management.


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